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- Brené Brown

I'm Katharina, your boudoir photographer from Berlin. Through touching and sensual photos, I want to bring out what your fellow human beings see in you and what you might not believe. I'll show you your self-confidence, your courage, your strength and your kindness - everything that sometimes remains hidden.

As a boudoir photographer, social worker and above all as a woman, I understand how important it is to accept yourself - but I also know how difficult it can be. In your boudoir photoshoot I will create a safe space for you, look at you with respect and appreciation and take photos of you that will make you believe how beautiful you are.

I am a boudoir photographer &
social worker and I am convinced that every
woman* is perfect.

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your boudoir photoshoot

In the past, a boudoir was the ladies' dressing room - for me, boudoir photography today stands for sensuality, vulnerability and intimacy. 
I create a trusting and appreciative atmosphere for your boudoir shoot, so that you can let yourself go and be yourself.


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Boudoir is

Whether you prefer to experience your shooting outside in the boundless freedom of nature or in a protected space in your feel-good style, you decide!
I will be happy to discuss with you all the possibilities for an unforgettable experience.

The shooting with Katharina was just super nice. We met in Treptower Park and hit it off straight away. She is a super nice person and very kind. To get to know each other, we did a portrait shoot in the park and made an appointment for a boudoir shoot one day later. Again, she was super nice, accommodating and had great ideas. Especially with a shoot like this you need trust and I had that right away. The pictures are just awesome!

- Janina

woman ally

Although I've wanted a shoot for a long time, I was very excited at first. But Katharina's sensitive nature and the cozy location quickly caught me. In the end it was over far too quickly. I am very enthusiastic about the result.

- claudia

women ally

Katharina blew my mind! It was the first time in my life that I felt really comfortable and understood during a photoshoot. Her empathy, her eye for the aesthetic motif and simply the way she is make you trust her immediately. I still draw on this beautiful experience and can only recommend it to every woman - as a gift to yourself. It's worth it.

women ally

- maria

The boudoir photo shoot with Katharina was a great experience! Everything was perfectly prepared and the atmosphere was very familiar. Katharina can take away your fear very quickly with her positive charisma and thanks to the professional advice and tips you know exactly how to pose. The result of our collaboration far exceeded my expectations! I never thought I would get such beautiful photos! My self-perception has changed positively since the photo shoot and I thank her so much for that! I'm sure we'll meet up for another photo shoot soon!

- natalia

women ally

Before the shoot I was pretty excited as it was my first time. With her super friendly and open-minded nature, Katharina immediately took away my excitement and I felt comfortable from the first second. Great music was played during the shooting, which contributed to a nice feeling and Katharina gave me great guidance with her feedback and just gave me an all-round good feeling. The results speak for themselves and are simply beautiful and super aesthetic. I am very happy to have done a photo shoot with Katharina and can only recommend her to everyone!

- Lea

women ally

The shooting with Katharina was a whole new, enriching experience for me! After a little discomfort at the beginning, I was able to quickly get involved with her encouraging support and had a lot of fun!
The results are great and I can't watch them often enough. With her aesthetic view, Katharina has perfectly managed to portray me as I am and at the same time to emphasize new, less everyday aspects of me.
A special experience - thank you for that!

- sophie

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