I can't think of any better
representation of beauty 
than someone who is
unafraid to be


Emma Stone

B O U D O I R - this difficult word comes from the French, but what is behind it? Boudoir used to mean women's dressing room. A small room in a large house just for them, a retreat where clothes and social expectations were set aside for a moment, where they had time to themselves and could be themselves. 

Later, this developed into a style of painting and sensual photography: As if taking a look into the boudoir, one sees a woman in her natural beauty, in sensual poses, sometimes more and sometimes less dressed, in an intimate atmosphere, appreciative of herself and her soft, feminine body.

So in a boudoir shoot you enter your own little boudoir, your retreat, where you can take time for yourself and arrive at yourself. Where you can connect with your body and give it loving attention. 

Because no men are allowed in your boudoir, you can free yourself from the "male gaze" - from male ideas of sexiness and eroticism. The only thing that counts here is how you feel and what you perceive as sensual.

In our hectic world we often lack the time for ourselves, to pause and enjoy. Allow yourself some time out from your everyday life and be brave. You will be rewarded with an intimate, new look at yourself.

Your boudoir shoot: a moment just for you

feel seen!

what my slogan

means to you

  • You feel like you can be yourself before, during and after your boudoir shoot.
  • You feel recognized, accepted and valued.
  • You can build trust in me and open up.
  • You have a safe space in the photo shoot where you can say, feel and be anything. I am non-judgmental and discreet.
  • You can quickly forget any worries, self-doubt and fears and enjoy the photo shoot.
  • You see yourself in your pictures.

A boudoir photo shoot is a unique opportunity to experience yourself in a very special way. It's normal to feel insecure before a shoot like this, especially if you've never been photographed professionally. But that's exactly what I'm here for - to support and accompany you.

feel-good boudoir 
without unnatural posing

You don't need to have any posing experience or know how to look your best in front of the camera. I will explain every step to you and guide you sensitively so that you can relax and enjoy the time.

Deciding to shoot boudoir is probably the biggest hurdle in the process. After that, you can let go and leave all your worries behind. The only important thing is: BE THERE. I'll take care of the rest. I'll make sure you feel comfortable and confident, so that you recognize yourself naturally and authentically in every picture.

After our phone call I will send you my shooting guide. Here you get all information about your boudoir shooting. You will find out how you can best prepare yourself, which outfits you need and which album collections you can choose from.

shooting guide

Would you rather get out into nature or stay comfortably indoors? No matter where your boudoir shooting should take place: Together we will find exactly the right location for you.

I'll show you a quiet place out on the outskirts of the city or I'll book a studio for you in Berlin
with your favorite design.
The rent is already included in the price.



A boudoir shoot is probably the most intimate photo shoot ever. That's why you should feel comfortable right from the start. Arrange a non-binding get-to-know conversation with me
 and find out whether you can imagine a
photoshoot with me.

I'll tell you how I work and look forward to getting to know you better. After the phone call, you can decide at your leisure whether you want to book the boudoir shoot with me.
Take the time you need.

get to know



sensual photography: your boudoir experience

We shoot in the studio from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. This is the time when we have the best light and energy. If you want to be photographed outside, we do it in the "golden hour", just before sunset.

Whether inside or outside - we take enough time to arrive, get to know each other and prepare.
I'm sure you'll be excited, but I promise you:
your nervousness will fly away!

shooting day


After your boudoir shoot, we'll schedule an online meeting to review your images together. I'll show you how I saw you and advise you on your image selection.

You will of course get all the files digitally - but not only that. In my packages you can choose between different photo album collections.

image selection


You don't know you need it until you have it in your hands - a photo album with your pictures. Aren't you happy about every photo album that still exists from your childhood? You'll have that feeling again when you flip through the pages of your album instead of scrolling.

Your album will be printed in a lab exclusively for photographers - in a quality you've never seen before. I will design your photo album for you.

album collections


...and am incredibly happy to have had the courage to do so. Katharina managed to create a mood in which I could let myself go and hand over the responsibility for these two hours to her. She did such a great job guiding me and it was not about posing or taking unnatural postures but being with me. So I could concentrate on myself, give space to my charisma and feel myself and my body great. This is evident in every picture and I love the resulting photos because I recognize myself exactly in every picture and at the same time think "Wow, that's me?". I could not imagine that in two hours such pictures also arise with me and am very happy to have given me this gift. A gift that every woman should give herself at least once because it gives so much confidence and strength in themselves. Thank you so much for this special experience dear Katharina. I will definitely treat myself to this with you again sometime!

I had my very first photo shoot ever with Katharina...


Feedback from

that's what I want

It took me a long time to decide to do a boudoir shoot and I am glad that I did and that Katharina was my photographer for this experience. I have had problems with my body image since childhood, internalized these same problems through outside influences, and will certainly never completely get rid of them. I was all the more thrilled when I finally saw the photos of the shoot.
Katharina has the patience of an angel, a wonderfully warm manner, and an insane talent to capture a person in a very special way. You feel directly true and above all accepted, and as if such a photo shoot was the most natural thing in the world. Katharina sees you with an extremely appreciative eye and creates a complete feel-good atmosphere before, during and after the experience. Opening up to someone stranger is a big problem for me, but with Katharina it was like we were friends for a long time. She creates a very professional yet warm environment where you can and are allowed to feel safe and completely free and beautiful.

Thanks. Just thank you.


Feedback from

that's what I want


All boudoir shootings are individually planned and prepared by me. Your investment consists of two parts - the shooting fee and your chosen album collection.

A typical boudoir shoot lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours and includes 2 to 3 outfit and setting changes. 
You can choose your favorite images for the album collection from about 60 to 80 photos.  


in yourself

Shooting fee: 299€
+ album collection: from 339€
= total price

book now!

prices & booking: