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I am 31 years old and live together with my sister in a shared apartment in Berlin. My path has taken me from completing business studies by distance learning in my small home village in Thuringia to studying social work in Jena with a detour to Finland.

Photography is now not only my passion as a boudoir photographer but also a big part of my work as a school social worker in an integrated secondary school with a focus on inclusion in Berlin. I lead two photo groups there every week and use photography as an instrument for social projects, such as a cooperation with a nearby retirement home.

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My calling is to really see people and show them what I see in them. As a school social worker, I am there for those who are often overlooked, underestimated or overwhelmed. In my boudoir photography I want to look at women with an appreciative and loving gaze, because often they themselves find it difficult to look at themselves in this way.

my calling

my belief

II am convinced that all people are good, that everyone deserves a lot of love and that ultimately we all long for exactly that: to be accepted and loved. At the same time, it is probably hardest for us to accept and love ourselves. With boudoir photography I want to change that and make visible how valuable and wonderful every woman really is, inside and out.

my passion: boudoir photography

For me boudoir photography means sensuality, vulnerability and intimacy. In a world where the "male gaze" often dominates and female beauty is sexualized, I want to break the cliché. My boudoir shootings are all about you and how you feel comfortable in your own skin. It's about what poses make you feel confident and sensual - regardless of how much or little clothing you're wearing.

For me, getting rid of your clothes means shedding social expectations, breaking through inner walls and getting closer to your inner self. You show yourself vulnerable and authentic, and that's what you see in my pictures - the radiant essence of yourself.

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